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Amuse Bouche

A wee taster courtesy of the Lime Tree Kitchen



Vegetarian Haggis, Neeps & Tatties

A traditionally spiced vegetarian haggis made with borlotti beans, puy lentils,
mushrooms and carrots, with a mashed potato & turnip clapshot and whisky cream sauce.


Highland Charcuterie

Great glen venison & green peppercorn salami, spiced rillettes of wild rabbit & smoked Gressingham duck from our smoke house. Served with tomato chutney, cornichons,
toasted Orkney beer sour dough and Kintyre blue cheese & apple salad.


Cullen Skink

Traditional Scottish fish soup, made with smoked haddock, leeks and new potatoes.
Served with garlic & seaweed toast.


Sea Trout Meteor Shower

Home-cured & smoked Cajun spiced sea trout, spring onion, cream cheese,
sliced dill pickle, roasted red peppers, pepperoncini and a seaweed oil & coriander cress. Served on rye bread.




Crofter's Dinner

Slow cooked lamb shoulder, caramelised onion and Stornoway black pudding, topped with sliced potatoes. Served with pickled red cabbage, tender stem broccoli
and toasted haggis bread.


​Iasg Bree

Seabass, plaice, hake, king prawns and cray fish tails poached
in a tomato & fennel broth. Served with samphire & saffron dumplings.


HIghland Venison

Pan fried saddle of venison on turnip puree, Clapshot, baby turnips, haggis bon bon,
wild mushrooms and pearl barley. Served with game jus.


Aubergine Parmigiana

Aubergine, spinach and sun blush tomatoes layered
with a tomato & basil & four cheese sauce. Served with a garlic & herb toast.




Bramble Cranachan

The classic Scottish dessert of whipped cream, honey, toasted oats, whisky and brambles. Served with shortbread.


Autumn Crumble

Cinnamon infused pears, apples and golden raisins with an oat crumble topping.
Served with Crème Anglaise or vanilla ice cream.


​Lemon Tart

Creamy lemon shortcrust pastry tart,
served with pistachio ice cream and blueberry compote.


Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky date sponge topped with toffee sauce, caramelised banana,
Crème Anglaise and vanilla ice cream.




The warm wet climate of Scotland creates the perfect environment for the production of Cheese. The Scots have a long tradition of artisan cheese making. We are passionate about our cheese selection which we believe is a taste journey of the best of Scotland’s small independent cheese makers – including ourselves.


Our cheeses are served
with quince, celery, frozen grapes walnuts & sourdough crackers



Made here at the Lime Tree by Head Chef Andrew Cook – Cook's Caise is a youthful, delightfully light, slightly salty but sweet, crumbly white cow’s milk cheese. A chance to taste freshly made cheese of great quality.



Aiket is a soft, full fat, white, mold-ripened cheese (brie, camembert style) made from Ayrshire cow’s milk. When young it is firm with a chalky texture & fresh mild taste. The white mold growing on the surface ripens the cheese from the outside down into the centre. As it does this, the texture becomes smoother & creamier & it develops a rich, almost mushroom flavour.



Black Crowdie (or Gruth Dhu) is a soft cream cheese with slightly sour, tangy milky flavour followed by a good kick of spicy pepper. It is hand rolled in pinhead oatmeal & crushed peppercorns. Made from the products of skimming milk, it was originally considered a poor man’s cheese – quite unlike Caboc which is made from double cream. It was reputedly brought to Scotland by the Vikings in the eight century. Legend also has it that it helps prevent a whisky hangover.



Made on a family farm with unpasteurised milk from their hardy, healthy island cows that ate fed on organic grass & whisky grains, then matured for 17 months in the farm's own cellars. A bit drier in texture than our other cheddars with flavours that range from upfront, silagey & boozy to rich, savoury & mellow. It is made by Jeff & Christine Reade on his farm Sgriob Ruadh, Gaelic for Red Soil, who are proud to announce that only renewable energy is used to produce the cheese, using only wood & water for power.



Award-Winning Howgate Kintyre Blue cheese is the newest addition to the Howgate range. Made using traditional methods, this is an indulgently soft and creamy blue cheese. The curds are worked to create the perfect texture, allowing the green-blue veins to develop uniformly throughout the cheese. The cheese is ripened for two months until the delicious mild blue flavour and soft creamy texture develops. Howgate Kintyre Blue has won several awards, including a Gold Medal at the Royal Highland Show. Not bad for a new cheese!



Add a taste of tradition to your cheese board. Traditionally smoked at a Campbeltown smokehouse over apple wood chips this mature cheddar is definitely distinctive but temptingly mellow.



Ask your server about the cheese of the day



£12.95 (for 4 cheeses)