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Rabbit Broth

A rich vegetable Highland broth with pulled Rabbit, crispy Croutons, & Herb Oil


Wine recommendation: House white glass £5.50/£7.75
Beer recommendation: Pale Blond £5.25

Smoked Gin cured Salmon

Gin cured Salmon, cream Cheese & Chive mousse,
Beetroot ketchup and a Fennel salad.


Wine recommendation: Pinot Grigio glass £5.75/£8.25
Beer recommendation: Snowgoose £5.25

Country Pate

A coarse homemade Pork & Bacon Pate served with toasted Brioche Melba Toast, Pickles and a Stornaway Black Pudding puree



Highland Charcuterie

Great glen Venison & black Peppercorn Salami,
Venison & Pork Chorizo, Chilli Venison, Ham, Apple and Chutney and Candied Walnuts


Wine recommendation: Malbec glass £8.50/£11.75
Beer recommendation: Dark Island £5.25

Vegan Highland  Haggis

A traditionally spiced vegan Haggis made with Borlotti beans, Puy lentils,
Mushrooms and Carrots, wrapped in a Cabbage Leaf 'Dolmas' served with Clapshot Potato, Root vegetable crisps & Carrot Puree


Wine recommendation: House white £23.00


West coast Langoustines fried in a spicy Cajun butter. Served with a Cucumber Lemon dip

£ variable




Homemade Lime Tree Pork & Onion Sausage Wheel served on a bed of White Beans and Ham Hock


Wine recommendation: # Belvedere Merlot, Italy £26.50

Wine recommendation: # Pinot Noir, New Zealand £40.00


Iasg Bree

Iasg Bree, literally is Scottish for 'Fish Stew'. Our version is a spicy rich Tomato & Shellfish Broth with a selection of local caught Fish steamed 'en papillote' with Orange & White wine. £22.50

Wine recommendation: # Pinot Gris, New Zealand £35.00

Wine recommendation: # Meursault “Clos du Cromin”, France £75.00

French Trimmed Roast Chicken

Served with roast vegetables and a Yorkshire Pudding with a rich Chicken Gravy


Wine recommendation: House white £23.00

Vegetarian Small Plates Thali

Indian Tarka Dahl and Spinach & Potato Sag Aloo, Scottish Beetroot & Crowdie Salad, American Truffel Mac n'Cheese & Thai Red Coconut Vegetables served with a Roti bread


Wine recommendation: Pinot Grigio glass £5.75/£8.25Beer recommendation: Snowgoose £5.25

North Atlantic Cod 'Veronique'

Pan seared Cod, local Mussels, Asparagus, Peas, New Potatoes & Veronique sauce


Wine recommendation: Ana Sauvignon Blanc glass £8.00/£11.25

Duo of Lochaber Lamb

Pan fried local Lamb rump and pulled shoulder of Lamb

served with Red Wine braised Lentils, Fondant Potato, sprouting Broccoli, roasted Celeriac & a Mint salsa verde




Queen of Puddings

Baked Custard Bread with homemade Strawberry Jam, Meringue & Biscuit Crumb



Chocolate  Fondant

Melt in the middle Chocolate Pudding served with homemade salted Caramel  Ice Cream, Honeycomb and Chocolate Sauce (20 minute)



Paris - Brest

Large Choux pastry bun filled with a Hazelnut Mousse, homemade Vanilla Ice Cream and Caramelised Hazelnuts


Cranachan Sundae

a Scottish Sundae of homemade Vanilla Ice Cream, Oats, Raspberries, Chantilly Cream served with a Shortbread Bread Biscuit


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